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Sometimes Being the Nice One Can be a Bitch by endler Sometimes Being the Nice One Can be a Bitch by endler
This can be considered a part of my Zeet and Flo series (the one-sided lesbian emo scribble comics) but I don't feel like listing all I have so far here, suu anyone can find them themselves if interested.

This has jut been something that's been rolling around in my head for a long time.

If you're the sort of person who's quick to try to help your friends/other people out with emotional problems, relationship problems, or just anything that you're capable of giving comfort tend to attract the sort of people that will look straight to you when they're in trouble...but the second that the tables have turned and you are the one who's having some sort of stress-related problems that could use at least one means of comfort, they're even more quick to turn away from you and try to bounce away from the subject.

It does feel sometimes like they don't realize that those who lend comfort sometimes need it themselves. Badly. Not saying I have bad friends but...I do really seem to attract these sort of people; that, and I seem to just give off vibes whenever I'm in need of comfort that people try to avoid at all costs; like now with my constant stress, any close friends have been skimming way around the subject and have been pushing onto...everything I listed in the three examples.

:iconsighingplz: It can suck sometimes. Big time.
FelixtheFailure Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow...I had this in my inbox for a long time, and I hadn't read it, but I'm really glad I did.

Glad to know that I'm not alone in this...well of course I knew I wasn't, but I never knew anyone that was the same way. It makes me feel selfish to say it too, but I know exactly how you feel. I love to help everyone, but in return they always expect me to be my usual, smiling, supportive self. When something goes wrong, they say, "You? Depressed? That's impossible!" or they try to offer support, but it's the cookie-cutter kind where someone doesn't know how to provide the support you need and offers a blanket statement. It makes me fall deeper into despair, where I feel so helpless because no matter whom I turn to, they're never able to provide the same help I try to provide to others.

Thanks for this; thanks for helping me realize I'm not alone... <3 I wish I could hug you, but unfortunately a computer screen is separating us.

I know this sounds peculiar, maybe even a bit creepy, but if you ever need anything, feel free to fire me a note or two.
Tocsin-Vesper Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know exactly how that feels. :/
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